Intro on: Robin Gianna, Tempted by the Brooding Surgeon

This week's Intro on Author is on Robin Gianna and her latest release, Tempted by the Brooding Surgeon.

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Favorites: Spending time with my family, walking outdoors, traveling and eating!

Frustrations: When I waste too much time, or get distracted and don't accomplish things I promised myself I'd do

Fabulous: Having become friends with readers and writers and others in the publishing business from all over the world.

The one man who won’t let her in…

…is the only man she wants!

Annabelle Richards arrives in Peru to find she’ll be working with renowned surgeon Daniel Ferrera—the man who almost ruined her career! She’s worked too hard to let him get in her way again. But when Annabelle learns that Daniel’s brooding exterior hides a wealth of pain, an unexpected passion ignites between them. Will temptation prove too much to resist?

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Favorites, Frustrations & Fabulous with Jane Godman

Author Jane Godman is sharing her Favorites, Frustrations and Fabulous with us. Her new book out now is: Colton and the Single Mom (The Coltons of Red Ridge).

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I have a VERY sweet tooth, so my favorite foods are always desserts. Meringues, macaroons, cream cakes, and sponges. Anything gooey and sticky. Yum. 

Rules and regulations that seem designed to make life difficult. Deliveries that don't turn up. People who promise they'll call and don't. Rudeness in general.   

The amazing romance readers who take the time to post reviews of my books. They are such a generous group of people and I love sharing my stories with them.  

Colton and the Single Mom (The Coltons of Red Ridge)

This Colton cop falls for a ready-made family
A Coltons of Red Ridge story

A serial killer is on the loose, and true-crime filmmaker Esmée da Costa is on the case. K-9 cop Brayden Colton, the prime suspect’s half brother, works hard to stop her prying, but sparks fly as he falls for Esmée and her son. When Esmée and Brayden’s little family comes under siege, can they save all they love?

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